Jato da Jet Blue está prestes a declarar emergência

JET BLUE 136 About to Declare Emergency 04/10/2011 @ 1420 EDT. You will hear JETBLUE136 talking with their Dispatch/Maintence on 131.175 MHz. On take-off from Ft. Myers aircraft made a hard jerk to the right. At first pilot thought it was an engine failure the jerk was so hard. They are now under impression it is a landing gear strut failed. They are continuing to JFK, when in contact with Washington Center they will then Declare an emergency and land JFK. CLICK HERE for a map of were Jet Blue 136 was shortly after (about 10 minutes) the recording was made.

Voo 136 da Jet Blue poderá declarar emergência a qualquer momento. Avião segue neste momento para o JFK. Clique aqui e veja o mapa da rota.

O equipamento é um Embraer-190


O voo 136 pousou em segurança no JFK.

Fonte: milaircomms

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