FedEx Buys 19 New Boeing 767-300F Jets

FedEx has added 19 767-300 Freighters to Boeing’s order book, a $3.3 billion move to replace some of the company’s aging aircraft.


                    Boeing 767-300 Freighter and 777 Freighter wearing FedEx livery. (Image by Boeing)

Set for delivery between 2015 and 2019, the new planes will replace some of FedEx’s McDonnell Douglas MD-10 and Airbus A310 jets. The Memphis-based cargo hauler says the 767 will burn 30 percent less fuel and cut operating costs 20 percent compared to the older planes they replace.

As part of the order, FedEx cancelled four of the Boeing 777 Freighters it had on order in favor of additional 767s of the same purchase value. With the list price of a 777F at $280.1 million and the 767-300F listed at $175.4 million, that works out to about 6 1/2 additional 767s.

The order marked the first freighter sale of the year for Boeing, partly the result of a global slowdown in freight shipments.

Boeing’s last freighter order came in December 2011, also from FedEx, consisting of 27 767-300Fs and two 777Fs. FedEx’s total order book now contains 46 Boeing 767-300Fs and 24 777Fs.


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