Delta Bomb Scare Forces Emergency Landing at JFK

                                           Delta Bomb Scare Forces Emergency Landing at JFK Airport

A Delta Air Lines flight made an emergency landing in New York shortly after takeoff due to a bomb scare.

Delta Flight 126, the carrier’s red eye flight from New York-JFK to Madrid operated by a Boeing 767-300ER (N1613B), was over the Atlantic about 100 miles east of Marthas Vineyard when it turned around and returned directly to JFK. The flight landed exactly 90 minutes after taking off.

According to several reports based on police radio conversations, the FBI reportedly had a suspect in custody after air marshals found “suspicious wires” in a lavatory.

The aircraft’s 217 passengers were evacuated on a runway and the bomb squad was searching the aircraft.

Delta Boeing 767-300ER N1613B returned to JFK after a bomb scare. (File photo by Kaz T)


UPDATE 11:24 PM ET: Authorities did not find any devices on the plane, according to ABC News. An earlier report that a suspect had been in custody was false.


UPDATE 11:49 PM ET: CBS reports that the flight actually diverted due to a sick passenger, and the wires were discovered as the flight was returning to JFK.


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