Top Aviation and Space News- August 29th 2012

‘Curiosity’ Transmits Song From Mars Making its interplanetary debut, 

Black Eyed Peas artist’s “Reach for the Stars” became the first song to be broadcast to Earth from the red planet. NASA’s rover “Curiosity” transmitted the piece on Tuesday from the Martian surface to an audience of students at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. More 

Airbus Grabs 2 Important SE Asian Orders 

 Airbus S.A.S secured the $7 billion jet order from Philippines Airlines (PAL). The order is for 44 A-321 family narrow-body jets and 10 A330 family long-haul jets with deliveries scheduled for next year. And while this order is excellent news for Airbus, it would be naïve to assume that an aircraft deal has been achieved without a political dimension. More 

U.S. Northern Command assists with Hurricane Isaac efforts 

 NORAD and USNORTHCOM Public Affairs August 29, 2012 

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - U.S. Northern Command is coordinating Department of Defense’s support to FEMA and state and local response activities in response to Hurricane Isaac. There are currently ten Mission Assignments approved for Hurricane Isaac. U.S. Northern Command has deployed four UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters from Fort Campbell, Ky. and two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters from Norfolk Naval Air Station, Va., to assist in search and rescue efforts. A SAR planner has also been activated and deployed to the Baton Rouge Emergency Operations Center. There are four Emergency Planners Liaison Officers deployed to the National Response Coordination Center in support of FEMA and Fort Polk, La. has been designated as a Federal Team Staging Area. More 

Astronomers Discover Planetary System Orbiting Two Suns.

Astronomers using NASA's Kepler space telescope have discovered a planetary system orbiting two suns. The planetary system is located about 5000 light-years away from Earth, in the constellation of Cygnus (The Swan). The pair of stars whirls around each other every 7.5 days. One star is similar to our Sun while the other is a diminutive star only one third the size and 175 times fainter. This artist's concept illustrates Kepler-47, the first transiting circumbinary system. You can see a larger version of the image here. More 

Bell Helicopter Named Number One in Product Support For the seventh consecutive year 

Bell Helicopter has been named number one in helicopter product support in the AIN Product Support Survey. More 

Flying Tigers Indicted for Aircraft Parts Fraud 

The Philadelphia U.S. Attorney’s Office has indicted Flying Tigers of Lancaster, Penn., its president Jay Stout and his son Joel Stout, with various crimes, including conspiracy, fraud involving aircraft parts, wire fraud and obstruction of justice. Also indicted was Howard Gunter, a former FAA certified mechanic and inspector, on charges of conspiracy and fraud involving aircraft parts.More 

Dutch F16s scrambled to intercept Spanish passenger jet that could not be contacted by radio

AMSTERDAM — The Netherlands scrambled two F16 fighter jets Wednesday to escort a Spanish passenger plane to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after air traffic controllers could not make contact with the aircraft’s crew. Dutch media initially reported a possible hijacking, but local police and Vueling, the Spanish carrier whose jet was at the center of the scare, later confirmed there was never a hijacking or a hostage situation. More 

Philippine Airlines Buys 54 Airbus Jets Worth $7 Billion 

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus on Tuesday secured a $7 billion order from Philippine Airlines (PAL), beating American rival Boeing as they continue their global contest to increase their market share. Philippine Airlines said it plans to buy up to 100 new aircraft over the next decade as it carries out a major fleet modernization program and restructures operations to become a low-cost carrier. The firm order announced Tuesday is for 10 long-haul A330-300 aircraft and 44 aircraft from the A321 family. More 

Descoberto primeiro sistema de 2 planetas que orbita ao redor de 2 sóis 

Descoberta mostra que sistemas planetários podem formar-se e sobreviver inclusive no caótico meio ao redor de uma estrela binária. Mais 

Astrônomos descobrem ingrediente essencial à vida ao redor de estrela 

 Imagem da Nasa mostra o complexo estelar Rho Ophiuchi e destaca a estrela IRAS 16293-2422, onde cientistas encontraram uma forma de açúcar  ((NASA/JPL))

Grupo de astrônomos detectou pela primeira vez açúcar ao redor de uma estrela similar ao Sol. Descoberta pode dar uma ideia a respeito da forma como a vida pode se originar em outros lugares do universo. Mais

Top Aviation and Space News- August 26th 2012

Neil Armstrong on the Lunar Surface 

 As commander of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong took most of the photographs from the historic moonwalk, but this rare shot from fellow moonwalker Buzz Aldrin shows Armstrong at work near the lunar module Eagle.Image Credit: NASA 

New NASA Satellites Have Android Smartphones for Brains 

NASA is aiming to launch a line of small satellites called “PhoneSats” that are cheaper to make and easier to build than those it has produced in the past. To achieve this, engineers are using unmodified Android smartphones — in one prototype, HTC’s Nexus One, and in another, Samsung’s Nexus S — to perform many of a satellite’s key functions. More 

Airlines scrap flights as Isaac lashes Florida 

WASHINGTON – Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights as Tropical Storm Isaac lashed southeastern Florida Sunday, with service not expected to resume fully until late Monday. More 

Honeywell Places Order for Avionics Equipment to Samtel 

New Delhi, India-based Samtel Avionics and Defense Systems announced a $5.1 million order to manufacture avionics equipment from Honeywell. More 

Cessna reclaims fastest aircraft title with Citation Ten 

Cessna Aircraft Corporation announced this week that its new Citation Ten will be the world’s fastest civil aircraft. After the retirement of the Concorde, Cessna’s Citation X was the fastest civil airplane with a maximum Mach number of 0.92 until Gulfstream unveiled its new G650 business jet. More 

Boeing South Carolina to deliver first Air India 787 next week 

Boeing South Carolina will finally turn over a 787 Dreamliner to Air India next week, a spokeswoman for the local plane-making plant said late Friday. More 

Russia’s UAC reveals 130-seat aircraft launch plan 

Russia’s United Aircraft Corp. (UAC) has announced plans to launch a 130-140-seat aircraft program, UAC president Mikhail Pogosyan said at the International Air Transport Forum in Ulyanovsk. More 

Estados Unidos aceitam vender helicópteros Apache para Indonésia 

O governo dos EUA deu o sinal positivo referente à venda de helicópteros de combate Boeing AH-64 Apache para República da Indonésia. De acordo com o Ministério da Defesa da Indonésia, os EUA ofereceram oito helicópteros Apache. O Ministro da Defesa Purnomo Yusgiantoro também explicou que o helicóptero poderá melhorar a qualidade de defesa da Indonésia, especialmente nas áreas de fronteira. Mais 

Obama on Armstrong: 'Among the Greatest of American Heroes' 

Neil Armstrong, the commander of the Apollo 11 mission and the first person to step foot on the moon, has died at age 82 following complications from cardiovascular surgery. More

Top Aviation and Space News- August 24th 2012

KLM Starts to Say Goodbye to the MD-11 

In July of this year, KLM started retiring their fleet of MD-11s with plans to replace them with more fuel efficient aircraft. “Phasing out the MD11 forms part of KLM’s ongoing fleet renewal programme,” a KLM spokesperson explained to “The last of KLM’s ten MD11s is expected to leave the fleet by the end of 2014.” For the long term, KLM plans to replace the MD-11s with 787-9s, but until then, they will Boeing 777s and Airbus A330s. More

Embraer Picked for Brazil’s $6B Border Defense Project 

The Brazilian Army has selected local contractor Embraer Defence and Security to build the initial phase of a massive surveillance and protection along the length of its 16,886-kilometer land border.More 

Singapore Airlines to invest over $16 million to revamp airport lounges 

Singapore Airlines (SQ) has contracted ONG&ONG, a Singaporean firm specializing in architectural and interior design, to develop a new concept for its lounges at airports around the world. More 

Qantas equips 767s with iPad IFE 

Qantas will deploy Panasonic inflight entertainment systems onboard 16 Boeing 767s. More 

Aircraft Relocated in Preparation for Tropical Storm Isaac 

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2012 – Pentagon officials say the military has moved aircraft out of the way of the possible path of Tropical Storm Isaac. More 

Eglin flies 200th F-35 sortie 

Eglin has flown its 200th sortie in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter... US Marine Corps Major Tye "OD" Bachmann had the distinction of flying that mission. More 

Aeronave Tejas será colocada em teste num exercício militar em fevereiro de 2013 

Os muito aguardados aviões de combate leves Tejas, desenvolvidos pela indiana HAL, serão postos a prova no futuro exercício aéreo “Iron Feast”, que será realizada em fevereiro do próximo ano, em Pokhran de Jaisalmer. Mais 

Navy SEAL book prompts warning from top special-ops officer 

WASHINGTON – The military's top special operations officer warned his troops that they face prosecution for revealing information about their covert operations as the military on Friday pored over a soon-to-be released copy of a book about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Mais 

Dilma desiste de privatizar Galeão e Confins 

Segundo matéria desta quinta-feira (23), do jornal O Globo, a presidente Dilma Rousseff desistiu de privatizar os aeroportos do Galeão, no Rio; e Confins, em Belo Horizonte, nos mesmos moldes de concessão adotado em Guarulhos (SP), Brasília, Viracopos (Campinas) e o novo terminal de São Gonçalo do Amarante (RN). Mais 

Cessna Citation Ten max Mach increased to 0.935 

Cessna has increased the speed of its Citation Ten business jet, which the company claims will make it the fastest civil aircraft in the world. More 

Stevens Aviation Adds More Gulfstream Jets to MRO Capabilities 

Greenville, S.C.-based Stevens Aviation has added the Gulfstream GIII, GIV and GIVSP aircraft to its maintenance, repair avionics refurbishment capabilities. More 

Mystery Light Columns Appear In Japan 2012 

Dozens of mystery light columns appeared in Japan following a unusual thunderstorm. Hundreds of people witnessed this rare and frightening phenomena, as fiery light columns appeared in the sky. More

Aeroméxico realiza encontro com trade em São Paulo 

A Aeroméxico realizou um encontro com 120 agentes de viagem, operadores e hoteleiros, no hotel Caesar Park Faria Lima, juntamente com o Convention & Visitor Bureau de Cancun, assim como o Conselho de Promoção Turística do México (CPTM). Mais 

Congonhas: área da antiga Vasp está contaminada 

Uma área de 170 mil m² dentro do Aeroporto de Congonhas, na zona sul de São Paulo, está contaminada por pelo menos 69 toneladas de resíduos tóxicos, entre combustível, solvente e metais pesados. Trata-se do terreno onde estavam os aviões-sucata da Vasp, que já estão sendo retirados para abrir espaço para obras de ampliação que desafogariam o aeroporto. Mais 

Cerimônia do 96° Aniversário da Aviação Naval da Marinha Brasileira apresenta os novos Seahawks 

A Marinha do Brasil comemorou nessa quinta-feira, dia 23 de agosto, o 96° Aniversário da Aviação Naval. O evento, realizado na Base Aéreo Naval de São Pedro da Aldeia (BAeNSPA), e o destaque principal foi a apresentação no solo e em voo dos dois primeiros helicópteros Sikorsky MH-16 (S-70B) Seahawk recentemente incorporados na frota. Mais

Gulfstream expands Latin American market 

Speaking last week at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. President Larry Flynn reaffirmed his company’s commitment to expanding support for its growing Latin American fleet, especially with two new models nearing entry into service. “We have established our first factory service center in Latin America in Sorocaba, Brazil, and this will become an increasingly important hub for us,” Flynn said. More

Top Aviation and Space News- August 23rd 2012

Hover bike: Star Wars technology brought to life (VIDEO, PHOTOS) 

A hover bike resembling the ones from ‘Return of the Jedi’ has been developed by a US firm, bringing science fiction to life.

California-based firm Aerofex created an aerial vehicle with two ducted rotors instead of wheels, which originates from a design abandoned in the 1960s because of stability and rollover problems. The aerospace firm managed to fix the stability issue by creating a mechanical system — controlled by two control bars at knee-level — that allows the vehicle to respond to a human pilot's leaning movements and natural sense ofbalance, Innovation News daily reports. More


Lufthansa flight attendants delay strike decision until Tuesday 

Lufthansa’s (LH) flight attendants, represented by the UFO union, will delay a decision on a possible strike to Aug. 28 while they consider a new pay offer (ATW Daily News, Aug. 17). More 

Horizon Air faces $1million fine for wrong rivets 

The US FAA has proposed a civil penalty of $1 million against Seattle, Wash.-based Horizon Air for allegedly operating 22 Bombardier DHC-8-402 turboprop airliners on more than 186,000 flights after installing security flight deck doors using blind rivets instead of the required solid rivets. More

Ex-Navy SEAL faces legal jeopardy for writing about bin Laden raid 

A senior military official tells NBC News the special operations community feels betrayed by the former SEAL who published a book about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski reports. More

Eleitores holandeses são contra compra de caças F-35, mas Ministério de Defesa diz que programa segue em frente 

A Holanda pretende aumentar seus cortes nos gastos com defesa, e abandonar o projeto de compra de caças JSF (Joint Strike Fighter). Numa pesquisa feita pelo Instituto de Relações Internacionais Clingendael, 75% dos 1.500 eleitores holandeses selecionados disseram ser a favor do programa do governo de redução dos gastos militares e querem desistir da compra de novos caças Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. Mais

Curiosity adds color to Martian peak 

This mosaic was assembled from pictures taken by the Curiosity rover's navigation camera over several days (in black and white) as well as its Mastcam 34 camera (in color, with contrast enhanced to bring out detail). Gaps in the Martian sky have been filled based on the shading in existing imagery./NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS / Ken Kremer / Marco Di Lorenzo

Over the past few days, we've been tracking the assembly of a giant jigsaw puzzle from Mars, delivered piece by piece by NASA's Curiosity rover. Today, image-processing wizards are adding more of the key pieces to fill out the picture of the 3-mile-high mountain that the car-sized rover is facing. More

Identificados piloto e passageiro de avião desaparecido 

A Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) identificou o piloto e um passageiro que estavam na aeronave de pequeno porte, prefixo PT FEM, desparecida na noite desta terça-feira logo após decolar do Aeroporto de Jacarepaguá, Zona Oeste do Rio. Mais 

British Airways Engineering's Avionics Business Celebrates Milestone 

British Airways Engineering on Thursday announced that its avionics subsidiary has officially released over one million units. More 

Arctic sea ice levels to reach record low within days 

The dramatic melt expected over the next week signals that global warming is having a major impact on the polar region. More


Lockheed Martin to cut 550 jobs at Marietta plant as C-130 production slowdown 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Lockheed Martin will cut about 550 jobs at its Marietta plant as it slows production of the C-130. Lockheed spokesman Peter Simmons said the move is necessary as production of the C-130J has plunged by one-third from 2011 to 2013.

U.S. Plans New Asia Missile Defenses 

The U.S. is planning a major expansion of missile defenses in Asia, a move American officials say is designed to contain threats from North Korea, but one that could also be used to counter China's military.

The planned buildup is part of a defensive array that could cover large swaths of Asia, with a new radar in southern Japan and possibly another in Southeast Asia tied to missile-defense ships and land-based interceptors.

Top Aviation and Space News- August 22nd 2012

UPDATE 1-Qantas posts H2 loss, cancels major plane orders 

Aug 23 (Reuters) - Australia's flagship carrier Qantas Airways canceled orders for 35 planes on Thursday, delaying delivery of its first Boeing 787-9 aircraft as it seeks to cut costs after swinging to a second-half net loss. Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said the fleet restructure would result in an unspecified "reduction in our forward capital expenditure commitments", noting the aircraft are worth $8.5 billion at list prices. More

Man Arrested for Locking Himself in American Airlines Cockpit 

An man who locked himself inside an American Eagle plane cockpit in Baton Rouge, La., surrendered to authorities and was in police custody, law enforcement sources told ABC News. More

CMC’s PilotView Electronic Flight Bag Selected for Boeing 777 

The Esterline CMC Electronics PilotView Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has been selected as a maintenance access terminal replacement for the Boeing 777 flight deck. More 

Curiosity faz seu primeiro 'passeio' em Marte 

Nasa batiza o local de pouso do jipe-robô de "Bradbury", em homenagem a escritor de ficção-científica

Mais de duas semanas depois de sua chegada a Marte e uma intensa série de testes, o jipe-robô Curiosity fez seus primeiros movimentos, anunciou a NASA nesta quarta-feira. O robô realizou movimentos combinados de avanço, marcha ré e curvas e estacionou a seis metros do local do pouso, em 6 de agosto. O percurso, que durou um total de 16 minutos, fez com o Curiosity deixasse as primeiras marcas de pneu em solo marciano. Mais 

 Curiosity faz seu primeiro "passeio" e deixa marcas de pneu em solo marciano ((Nasa)) 


India hopes to have new fifth-gen fighter in service by 2022 

India hopes to have its new fifth-generation fighter--co-developed with Russia--in service by 2022, the country's top air force official says. The first developmental aircraft, which is based on the Russian Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA, is going to arrive in India in 2014, says Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne. A second prototype is expected to arrive in India in 2017 while a third should arrive in 2019. More 

U.S. says surprised by Navy SEAL's book on bin Laden raid 

(Reuters) - The U.S. government was surprised by the news that a Navy SEAL who participated in the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan has written a book about the operation in which the al Qaeda leader was killed, U.S. officials said on Wednesday. More 

FedEx Looks to Reduce Aircraft Emissions by 30 Percent 

FedEx is looking for a 30 percent reduction of its aircraft carbon emissions by the year 2020, according to its Global Citizenship Report released Monday. More 

DOT Fines Royal Jordanian, EgyptAir and Royal Air Maroc 

The U.S. Department of Transportation on Tuesday issued fines to Royal Jordanian Airlines, EgyptAir and Royal Air Maroc for separate airline passenger violations. More 

Qatar to launch daily service to Chicago 

Qatar Airways (QR) will launch daily Doha-Chicago O’Hare (ORD) service April 10, 2013, its fourth US gateway. More 

United Captain Accidentally Deploys Emergency Slide 

The captain of a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 accidentally deployed one of the plane’s emergency escape slides. More 

Infraero inicia reforma de R$ 153 milhões no Galeão 

Em matéria publicada nesta terça-feira (21), o jornal ‘O Globo’ informa que a Infraero iniciou nesta segunda-feira (20) nova etapa de obras no Aeroporto Internacional Antonio Carlos Jobim/Galeão. São R$ 153 milhões em melhorias no Terminal 1, que vão de renovação da parte elétrica à substituição da cobertura. Mais 

Gol não espera retorno do lucro no 2º semestre, diz presidente 

O presidente da Gol, Paulo Sérgio Kakinoff, disse nesta terça-feira (21) que a companhia aérea deve ter um segundo semestre melhor do que o primeiro, mas que os resultados ainda não serão suficientes para a volta da empresa à lucratividade no período. Mais

Top Aviation and Space News- August 21st 2012

United 787 completes pre-delivery test flight 

United Airlines (UA), the North American launch customer for the Boeing 787, said its first Dreamliner took a 3-hr.-plus pre-delivery test flight Sunday to/from Boeing’s Everett, Wash., facility. More 

Assad's regime increases use of air power 

 July 31, 2012: This file photo image made from amateur video released by the Ugarit News purports to show black smoke rising from buildings in Aleppo, Syria. 

(AP) BEIRUT – Its forces stretched thin on multiple fronts, President Bashar Assad's regime has significantly increased its use of air power against Syrian rebels in recent weeks, causing a spike in civilian casualties

The shift is providing useful clues about the capability of the Syrian air force as Western powers consider the option of enforcing a no-fly zone over the northern part of the country, where rebels control large swaths of territory along the Turkish border. Read more: More


TAM diz que preço das passagens pode subir 

Presidente da companhia atribui o possível aumento aos preços do petróleo e do querosene de aviação e às tarifas aeroportuárias. Mais 

Report questions value of high US aviation security costs 

US aviation security costs have skyrocketed since 9/11 but it is not certain the benefits outweigh those costs, a new industry report finds. Authored by RAND Corp., the report suggeststhe US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Congress should weigh both the costs and benefits of the complex US aviation security system.More

British Airways Steward Who Made Fake Bomb Threat to Earn Promotion Gets 6 Months in Jail Instead 

A British Airways steward who wrote a threatening message on the back of a toilet door during a flight from London to the Japanese capital of Tokyo has been sentenced to jail for six months, police said on Tuesday. He admitted making the threat in an attempt to impress his employer. More 

Avião da Azul retorna ao aeroporto após princípio de incêndio 

Após decolar do aeroporto Petrônio Portela em Teresina com destino a Campinas em São Paulo, o vôo 4391 teve que retornar ao aeroporto, após a tripulação detectar um princípio de incêndio em umas das turbinas.Mais 

Embraer inicia obras de centro para jatos em Sorocaba 

Quatro meses após o anúncio do novo centro de serviços para jatos executivos no Brasil, a Embraer iniciou as obras no aeroporto Bertram Luiz Leupolz (SOD), em Sorocaba, no interior paulista. Mais

Qantas grounds 2 pilots who reportedly quarreled in cockpit of jumbo jet at Dallas airport 

CANBERRA, Australia — Qantas Airways Ltd. grounded two pilots who quarreled in the cockpit of their Boeing 747 jumbo jet at a Dallas airport last week, the airline and an aviation official said Tuesday. The argument happened two weeks after Qantas, Australia’s biggest airline, grounded another pilot for attempting to fly while under the influence of alcohol. More 

2 SC Boeing employees appeal case against union 

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Two employees at South Carolina's Boeing plant have appealed their complaint against the International Association of Machinists. More 

Astronomers Find Evidence of Planet Being Destroyed by Its Aging Star 

A team of international astronomers have reported the first evidence of a planet being destroyed by its aging star. The evidence indicates that the missing planet was devoured as the star began expanding into a red giant. The star, named BD+48 740, is older than the Sun with a radius about eleven times bigger. More

ANA announces its new Boeing 787 flights between San Jose and Tokyo will begin Jan. 11 

SAN JOSE -- All Nippon Airways' announcement Tuesday that it will launch its highly anticipated San Jose-Tokyo route Jan. 11 is giving Mineta San Jose International Airport lift in its efforts to garner more overseas routes after years of struggling to attract new flights in a tough economy. More 

First non-pilot unmanned aircraft operators graduate from USAF's MQ-9 Reaper course 

The first group of US Air Force student operators who have not completed the service's undergraduate pilot training (UPT) programme have graduated from the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper training course. More 

Base Aérea de Canoas comemora 68 anos com passagem baixa de caças F-5EM em ala com KC-137 

Hoje pela manhã, dia 21 de agosto, a Base Aérea de Canoas (BACO) comemorou seu aniversário de 68 anos. Mais 

Azul oficializa David Neeleman na presidência da companhia 

Executivo estava no Conselho da aérea; Neeleman também assumirá presidência de empresa resultado da fusão da Azul e da Trip; Mais

Mars rover Curiosity gears up for Wednesday test drive 

(Reuters) - NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, dispatched to study if the Red Planet could have hosted life, will take its first test drive on Wednesday. More 

Nonsense data reveal Mars rover's damaged sensor After wiggling its wheels in the Martian soil, the Mars rover Curiosity was pronounced fit to take its first test drive tomorrow. But amidst the fanfare comes news of the rover's first science casualty. More 

Curiosity apresenta primeiro defeito em Marte 

Sensores de velocidade do vento estão danificados. Robô se prepara para primeiro passeio. Mais 

USAF's LRS-B bomber proceeds, but is completely classified 

 Northrop Grumman Photo

The US Air Force's new Long Range Strike-Bomber (LRS-B) program is entirely classified. The USAF isn't just withholding technical data, the service won't even share programmatic details such as if there is a system program office in place or a competition or anything else. "Specific LRS programmatic details are protected with enhanced security measures," says Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy. More


Defesa dos acusados do 11 de setembro critica cláusula de 'censura' 

Passou de quarta para quinta a data de início das novas audiências de julgamento dos supostos autores dos ataques de 11 de setembro de 2001 nos Estados Unidos. O atraso aconteceu por problemas na rede de internet da Base Naval da Baía de Guantánamo.

O juiz James L. Pohl, que preside a comissão militar de Guantánamo, aceitou o pedido de adiamento, que reduz em um dia a duração da sessão prevista. Nestas novas audiências, que acontecerão quase 11 anos depois dos atentados, serão ouvidos os argumentos dos advogados do suposto autor intelectual do ataque, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, e outros quatro cúmplices. Mais

Top Aviation and Space News- August 20th 2012

Jettech Receives STC for Garmin Data Package on Citation 500 Series 

Broomfield, Colorado-based aircraft solutions provider Jettech has received an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installing the Garmin touchscreen GTN 650/750 GPS/NAV/COM on Cessna Citation 500 series aircraft, the company said Monday. More 

U.S. Air Force begins using Boeing surveillance satellite 

(Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force on Monday said it would begin operational use of a new Boeing Co surveillance satellite built to monitor debris and other satellites in space -- nearly two years after the satellite was first launched. More 

Embraer Delivers First Airborne Radar Aircraft to India

Embraer delivered the first of several EMB 145 Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft to the government of India during a ceremony in Brazil last week. More 

Pilot walks away after crashing plane into trees in Travis County 

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas -- A small ultralight plane crashed into trees at the Lago Vista Airport Monday morning. Austin/Travis County Emergency Medical Services told KVUE the crash happened just after 9 a.m. KVUE spoke to the pilot, John Rudd. More 

Virgin Atlantic to enter short-haul market 

Virgin Atlantic (VS) will enter the short-haul market next year when it launches a 3X-daily Manchester (MAN)-London Heathrow (LHR) service from March 2013. More 

United's First 787 Flies 

United Airlines' first 787 completed its first production flight at Boeing on August 19. The General Electric GEnx-powered -8 is to be delivered at the end of September. United Continental Holdings has 50 787s order: 36 -8s and 14 -9s.

 hotos: United Continental Holdings

ICAO Releases Phraseology Study Results

The International Civil Aviation Organization has concluded that ambiguous or confusing ATC phraseology “is a frequent contributor to aircraft accidents and incidents.” More

Queda de helicóptero deixa dois feridos em aeroporto de Belo Horizonte (MG) 

A aeronave de instrução de pilotos caiu na pista do aeroporto Carlos Prates, na capital mineira. O vento forte teria feito o piloto perder o controle quando realizava o pouso. O instrutor e o piloto ficaram feridos no acidente.


Engine trouble: United Airlines flight to Boston with 150 on board safely returns to Houston 

HOUSTON — A United Airlines jet bound for Boston had engine trouble and safely returned to Houston. A United spokesman says Flight 1124 carried 146 passengers and a crew of six when it took off Sunday from George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The Boeing 737 had mechanical problem with an engine and returned to Houston. More 

SR-22: Low Altitude Bahamas Cruising 

State-of-the-Art Aviation Center Opens for Business on Alaska’s North Slope 

Deadhorse Aviation Center provides support services for companies involved with production and exploration activities on the North Slope and beyond More


Air France: Diverted fliers asked for fuel money as 'precaution' 

Passengers on an Air France flight got an unexpected stopover in war-torn Syria after their plane had to make an emergency landing in Damascus. The next surprise: "Passengers on Air France Flight 562 were asked to open their wallets to check if they had enough cash to pay for more fuel," The Associated Press writes. More


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